Corvair Museum - 2007

The Corvair Museum was formed in 1994 to house and display Corvair historical and educational material. Property and income for the museum are solely from donations, primarily from CORSA members. Other individuals and organizations have contributed or provided items on loan to the museum. Exhibits at the museum include vehicles, mechanical displays, literature and artwork.

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General Motors Heritage Center Tour

The Heritage Center, which is in an industrial park in Sterling Heights just north of the GM Technical Center, is designed to help GM employees, scholars, analysts and the media with researching the company's rich history.

Among the vehicles housed at the center are past and current concept vehicles and historically significant vehicles from various eras such as the 1931 V-16 Cadillac, 1949 Buick Roadmaster, and 1953 Chevrolet Corvette.

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2006 SpringFest

Even though there was a threat of rain all weekend more than 300 people showed
up. Friday started with lots of shopping from both the used parts vendors and
Clark’s Corvair Parts. Friday evening was the hospitality party with hamburgers,
hot dogs, chips, chili, etc. Then it was time for the children’s valve cover
races. Every child under age 13 that wanted to race was given and car and the
brackets were setup. First through third places were determined and there was a
multi-way tie for fourth. Everyone went home a winner. That was followed by the

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2005 SECC Corvair Autocross

St Augustine, FL.

There aren't a whole bunch because I spent most of the time either driving or working.

Instead of the normal red mist Leslie found the white mist with an off-track excursion into the water in Sarah's convertible.

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