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  • Powder Coating 101

    What is Powder Coating?

    So, you've heard of it, but, you're not quite sure exactly what powder coating
    is. According to the Powder Coating Institute's web page, "Powder coating
    is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to
    a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industries
    and consumers. The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground
    particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated.

  • help me with corvair charge sys problems

  • How to vent your Corvair Carburators

    The carburetors stock on all normally aspirated (non-turbo) Corvairs are a variation of Rochestor HV single barrel carb. The 140 HP engines use 4, all the others 2, one per bank. When subjected to high G turns, fuel will slosh out of the stock vents, flooding the engine. The modification Chuck details below will effectively eliminate this flooding.

    How to vent your Corvair Carburators PhotoHow to vent your Corvair Carburators Photo

  • 10 Surefire Ways to Lower Drag

    by Don Terrill - ©2003
    1.) Wheel Alignment – Don’t think it’s that big a deal? Tell that to the Soap Box Derby racers. They go to great lengths to make sure their tires roll without any unnecessary drag.

    2.) Inflate Tires – Most racers would find, if they tested it, they would go faster with more tire pressure. I say, just keep inflating the tires until the car slows down. Try it. I think you’ll be surprised how high you can go.

  • 10 Lessons Learned From Engine Masters

    by Andy Dunn ©2004

    The Engine Masters Challenge is a yearly engine building contest created by Popular Hot Rodding magazine. 50 engine builders attempt to build an engine that produces the highest average horsepower and torque over a given rpm range.