1960 Chevrolet Corvair GOOD

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1960 Chevrolet Corvair GOOD

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                        1960 Chevrolet "CORVAIR"/ Rare "CLASSIC"!

**This is a unique Corvair. They ran out of pieces on the production line and it is a 1961 Front End and a 1960 Back End, VIN in front is the same as back.
This was verified by a professional Corvair mechanic.
He said there were only 150 made like this on the production line.
So this is still considered and 1960 Corviar. TITLE SAYS 1960 CHEVROLET CORVAIR**

This Car is Beautiful!
It has been sitting in storage for a five year period!
Engine...........................air cooled 6 cylinder
displacement................140 cubic inches
crankcase..................... aluminum alloy
Transmission...............power glide,two speed Automatic transmission

   This "Corvair"was my pride and joy--and reconditioning it was really gradifying!
The instrumentation is all "original"!
Performed in the past:
   Engine work, up graded "Starter",re-built Carburetors,service on the Transmission,
   replaced "inhibitor",replaced "solenoid", Brakes,Tune up etc.
The repairs and replacement of all of these parts, happened over Ten years ago!

**To New Buyers:
    The new buyers must address the following:
                Before "starting it up", you must evacuate the old Gasoline, and replace it with new 
                Before "starting it up", you should have a Professional Mechanic , make certain that the 
                "seals" have not corroded!
                 The Engine, carburetors, Transmission, and any other parts are long past their warranty 
                  periods and the buyer assumes liability for same!
               ****As I left the State, I noticed that there was a problem in the "shifter or Transmission,
                 wherein, the "ashifter" would "not engage"--new owner assumes liability for its 
               ****Realize that this is a "CLASSIC" and should be treated that way!
                   The sale of this "CORVAIR"is "as is"--and that all work to be performed is 
                    the liability of said new owners!
               ****Small Body Damage back driver side fender above back wheel. Metal bent inwards.

You have a "CORVAIR", that has been partially reconditions"--Please don't let this opportunity pass you buy!

Normally, I wanted to ask for a figure of $4,000 to $6,000-but I feel that with the "storage", and other eventualities, THE FIGURE THAT I AM ASKING IS $2,000. 
There is no doubt that this figure is well below the investment for other cars, of this value!

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Engine6 Cylinder {
Drive TypeRWD
Sub ModelCorvair
Exterior ColorForrest Green
Interior Colorgreen and white
Number of Cylinders6
Body TypeCoupe
Warrantyno warranty!
Vehicle TitleClear
Fuel TypeGasoline
For Sale ByOWNER
Title1960 Chevrolet "CORVAIR"/Rare 61'Front Matching VIN "CLASSIC" / Must Sell
SubTitle1960 Chevrolet "CORVAIR"/Rare 61'Front Matching VIN "CLASSIC" / Must Sell
VIN Number007270126698
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Deposit amount500.0
Deposit type1