Chevy Corvair Engine Lot

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Chevy Corvair Engine Lot

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I have 4 Chevy Corvair engines for sale. I have no idea what years they are from. Here is the info (numbers referenced in the photo set):

#1 is complete and turns freely, Serial #TI2307H
#2 is complete and turns freely, Serial #TI250YC
#3 is complete but is locked up, Serial #TO5I2Z
#4 is the MOST complete as its a complete dropped out unit. It even has the carbs! Serial TO2T3YC

The "number" photos is how they looked when I got them, the others are how they look now (in auto body dust). I also have two spare cylinder heads I will throw in for free.

Take all for $400! Pick-up only! I have an engine hoist, so bring your truck or van and I will load them for you. 

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